In the nascent years of the Internet, motion graphics artists had essentially one location online where they could go to learn from one another, share ideas and commiserate... Generally speaking, that would have been over a dial-up connection and by way of the AOL AE list. So, when that list shut down circa 1997, that burgeoning community was left high and dry.

René Hedemyr started the AE-List (Adobe After Effects maillist) to keep in contact with all the great people from the AE AOL List that closed down at that time.

Over the years, he added another maillist to serve people who worked in the same field - the IMUG list, which was the only gathering place online for owners and operators of the original Media 100 editing system. As users eventually migrated to other editing products that came along, the list slowly evolved to encompass those other products. Today, the IMUG list remains an informal, yet critical asset for editors of many varieties.

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